domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Thoughts and Sofas

I’m so afraid to love you.
I’m so afraid to trust.
I’m confused about how you feel and if what you said is the truth.

I was afraid to let my heart beat.
Afraid to feel those butterflies.
As your sweet songs fill my head with ideas, fill my heart with feelings I sigh and smile.

I whisper, “I love you.” As I slowly stand up and walk away from the music that has made my heartbeat just like it did when you first smiled at me.
I’m afraid that I’m paranoid.
I’m afraid that I don’t know wrong from right or honesty from lies.
I’m afraid that what I’m listening to is going to make me love more than I can deny.
‘I don’t love you.’ Could never slip from my lips, as I do love you. And if I said I didn’t I’d be a liar. Just like you?


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